Ecodan Heat Pumps – PUHZ-SWH Zubadan Outdoor Units

Ecodan Heat Pumps – PUHZ-SWH Zubadan Outdoor Units

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Ecodan Heat Pumps – PUHZ-SHW Zubadan Outdoor Units

Ecodan Split Air Source Heat Pumps

Increasing energy bills, coupled with the need to heat our homes and hot water efficiently, is driving the demand for alternative forms of domestic heating. Mitsubishi Electric has utilised their expertise and industry-leading technology to develop Ecodan – a super energy efficient heat pump solution that combines both hot water heating and room heating through one system.

The Ecodan Split Zubadan Air Source Heat Pump ranges from 8kW to 23kW. Designed to suit a wide range of domestic and commercial applications, these models maintain full heating capacity as ambient temperatures drop below zero right down to -15°C. Proven in cold climate areas such as Mt Ruapehu, Zubadan systems won’t let you down in the cold..

Key Features
• Split unit allowing water connections to be made internally
• No need for gas supply, flues or ventilation
• Single phase power supply with a low starting current
• Low maintenance and quiet operation
• 2-Zone Space Heating Control
• Energy monitoring as standard
• Operates in outside temperatures as low as -28ºC with Zubadan Technology

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Ecodan Hot Water Brochure

Ecodan Central Home Heating and Hot Water Supply

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