Detection Services

We offer sophisticated leak and pipe detection services for the purposes of diagnosis, repair and planning.



Clyne and Bennie Leak Detection

Leak detection

We can locate the troublesome and costly leak in your pipe system from above ground with the use of acoustic leak detection equipment. Our state of the art equipment first localises and then pinpoints the location of the leak(s), saving you the time, trouble and money of assessing your entire system, or of having to make unnecessary excavations to locate the problem.

Cable or pipe location

We can detect existing live cables and metallic pipe networks from above ground with radio location before you plan or begin digging. We’ll investigate your site to provide a comprehensive picture of existing installations there and help you to avoid potentially costly or even dangerous errors. Conditions apply.


Our CCTV drain camera uses sonic detection to pinpoint the exact location and depth of the problem within a drain or duct.


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