Water Filters

Filtered water

Don’t like the taste or smell of chlorinated water?

In Christchurch we are used to chemical free artesian water which is a pleasure to drink and doesn’t leave a nasty smell in your hair or irritate your skin after showering. 

Christchurch City Council  announced that Christchurch’s water supply will be chlorinated by end of April 2018.

At Clyne & Bennie we understand that people will want to remove the chemical smell and taste from the water supply in their homes and at their place of work. Clyne & Bennie can supply and install water filters in Christchurch and Canterbury.

There are several solutions to suit all budgets.

Whole House Water Filter Solution

This is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy clean water from every tap. This solution will provide you peace of mind that the water supply coming into your house has been filtered and is free of impurities, contaminants and the taste of chlorine.

Learn more about Microlene's Whole House Water Quality Improvement System

"Clyne & Bennie installed a Davey's water filter for the whole house, I was worried that it would reduce the water flow but I haven't noticed a difference and I'm enjoying the chlorine free taste."  Richard - Christchurch 


Under Bench Water Filter

The under bench option is easy to install and provides a cost effective solution, so you can enjoy clean tasting water for drinking and food preparation at home or at your place of work. 

Visit our online shop for Underbench Water Filter Products

Microlene Under Bench Product Information

Raymor Under Bench Product Information


Water Coolers

Keep your employees and customers happy by installing a water cooler so everyone can have access to chlorine free filtered and chilled water.

Find out more about the Zenith Freestanding Chilled Water System


Boiling Water Units

Meet all your requirements for filtered, chilled, boiling, and carbonated (sparkling) water with a boiling water unit ideal for staffroom, boardroom and cafeterias.

Call us on 0800 37 47 37 or submit an enquiry to have the right system installed for your requirements and budget.

Water Testing

Do you know the quality of your water supply?

It’s important to know what the state of your water is if you aren’t connected to your local  town supply.  If you obtain your water from a well, bore, lake, river, or if you collect rain water then it makes sense to have it tested.  These tests will give you the information required to determine your water filter needs, and make certain that you and your family have access to safe drinking water.

Testing can detect many issues, such as;

  • corrosion caused by leaks in copper lines or premature deterioration of hot water cylinder elements
  • water hardness caused by Calcium build up in kettles
  • chlorine levels

We can arrange a separate test for E.Coli if you suspect people are becoming ill from your water source.

We supply and fit various water filters that are tailored to your water requirements. Not all water supplies are the same so it pays to have yours tested first. This ensures you’re being recommended a product that will work for you.

Call us today on 0800 37 47 37 and arrange to have your water tested.

Be informed, know what is in your household water supply.