Water Filters

Filtered water

Don’t like the taste or smell of chlorinated water?

In Christchurch we are used to chemical free artesian water which is a pleasure to drink and doesn’t leave a nasty smell in your hair or irritate your skin after showering.

Christchurch City Council announced on the 25th Jan 2018 that Christchurch’s water supply will be chlorinated within two months.

At Clyne & Bennie we understand that people will want to remove the chemical smell and taste from the water supply in their homes and at their place of work.

There are several solutions to suit all budgets.

Whole House Filtration Solution

This is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy clean water from every tap. This solution will provide you peace of mind that the water supply coming into your house has been filtered and is free of impurities, contaminants and the taste of chlorine.



Under Bench Water Filter

The under bench option is easy to install and provides a cost effective solution, so you can enjoy clean tasting water for drinking and food preparation at home or at your place of work. Install price from $380.


Water Coolers

Keep your employees and customers happy by installing a water cooler so everyone can have access to chlorine free filtered and chilled water.


Boiling Water Units

Meet all your requirements for filtered, chilled, boiling, and carbonated (sparkling) water with a boiling water unit ideal for staffroom, boardroom and cafeterias.


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